Kamyanets - Podilskyi

We live in a world full of surprises. You never know where you spread the fate of tomorrow. But the land where you born, where he spent his carefree childhood remains in my soul forever. Many people left their native land all his life dream to see her at least a second. Motherland as dear mother. Many famous people dying asked to bury them at home, near his native home in the endless steppe.

Like home not because she is great, but for the fact that own (Seneca). Who does not love her country did not love (D. Byron). Forget their native land - your withered roots (P. Ticino). Where there is no freedom, and there is no homeland (P. Baron d'). In his own house and righteousness and strength, and willpower (T. Shevchenko). You can choose friends and wife, you can choose not only the homeland (Mr.V.Symonenko). Ukraine-existent, no second Dnipro (Shevchenko). These lines speak good of his homeland known Ukrainian leaders. Word of their glorious lives.

Olden established time city. Many researchers argue that Kamianets - Podolsky the oldest city in the world. It is in the heater is in Europe yedynnyy canyon through which flows the river canyon. Now the city is part of 7 wonders of Ukraine. City each year is visited by tourists. I wish you to visit this wonderful city.Kamyanets - Podilskyi waiting for you!

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